Johanna is a creative lady.

In her fine art she blends her love of science and nature with her passion for the human experience and her studies in mediation as she paints. She combines her love and studies of figure, landscape and abstract painting to play and express her visions with paint.

She loves color and light and moves in a flurry of serious brush strokes.

In her commercial work she rolls her sleeves up whenever she can. She started as a scenic painter in Los Angles, finding her way home to Minneapolis where she got her start in advertising as an Art Buyer (photo shoot producer). Through many twists and turns including taking 4 years off to raise her son, she grew into a Content Producer. She is a hands on creative producer and has been available to do everything from prepping layouts and art directing on set, to collaborating with her painting and drawing for scenic painting and illustration.  

She lives and works in the Twin Cities of MN. She is a mom, a gardener, a preparer of food, and often sings or talks to herself. She asks hard questions, is as gentile as she is stern, and looks people in the eye.